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About the Founder & Chief Schmear Officer, Dave Fine

What leads one to become a Chief Schmearer? In Dave Fine's case, you won't necessarily find any of the telltale signs. 

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Dave is a proud fan of the Orioles, Ravens, and the Wire. He attended the University of Pennsylvania where he studied History, Communication, and a bit of Psychology on the side. While at Penn, Dave got to know and love Philly, especially its rich food scene. 

A passionate baseball fan, he worked for the Red Sox, Dodgers, and Cubs, primarily in Fan Services, Marketing, and PR. More recently, Dave decided to try his hand in the nonprofit sector where he worked for Community Health Charities of Maryland. The combination of experiences led to a particular interest in leveraging business and branding for social good. 

Schmear It is Dave's first project in social entrepreneurship.

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